Keeping up with Kezza

Professional Cyclist. Electrical Engineer.

I am a professional cyclist from Cape Town, South Africa, now living in Girona, Spain

2021 race days in numbers


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Career Highlights

  • World Championship representative for South Africa 2020-2021
  • Multiple podiums in Belgium


Zolder Kermesse

First race back after 5 months of no racing! We packed up the car in Girona and Matt drove me the 12hrs to Belgium so I could get the restart of the season going with Zolder Kermesse and the UCI 1.2 race, GP Euromat. Zolder often ends in a bunch sprint as it’s on a…

My first UCI Road World Championships

I could have waited for next year with a proper preparation behind me but instead I thought the better option would be to line up, give it a go and at the very least experience my first world championships. We never came here to get a result. The plan was to treat this as a…


I am still adjusting to the concept of the races in Belgium finishing after bedtime. What was meant to be a 1.5hr drive to the race turned into 3hrs spent in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Not in the mood to race, I actually wasn’t too phased at the fact we arrived 45minutes before the start, (so about 20…

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